manon houston

Food Photographer

Based in Wales I am a food photographer and stylist, working with a wide range of businesses across the UK.

I work with food businesses to create creative and eye catching marketing material, used in websites, social media and other platforms. So many wonderful companies miss the opportunity to tell their story or reach an audience because of a simple lack of strong photography. I create stylish, high-quality shots of food which communicate the character of a company, and really draw people in. I style all of my own work, using sets, props and composition for stunning results. 

With a particular interest in food and cooking, combined with my passion for colour and design, my aim is to harness this enthusiasm in my work.

Be it the rarest white truffle or the humble potato, a farmer or a chef, a rustic loaf of bread or a plate of food styled to Michelin standard, I enjoy capturing every aspect of food and telling its story.